Christmas Decorating: Day 11: Pipers Piping at our Scottish Castle

Can you hear the 11 pipers piping?
They are summoning us to the castle,
because it's time to board the Royal Scotsman train
and go hither to the Highlands for our Scottish Christmas Fling,
to celebrate day 11 in our Decorating Series.

I hope you have packed your kilt because it could be chilly,
and it will certainly be snowing,
as we make our way through the highlands.
Just as well we popped into Sonia Rykiel earlier,
to grab a few tartan & plaid outfits,
because we will look quite the part when we get to Edinburgh.
We must hurry to the station,
because the piper is calling us to board the train.
After a few good single malt whiskies,
and a scrumptious lunch of the finest Scottish salmon,
we are here at our destination: Prestonfield at Edinburgh.
Where better for our Scottish Christmas Fling than the most luxuriant
& richly coloured hotel in Scotland?
And now there are all 11 pipers in full swing
to welcome us to the castle.
It would be nice to sink into one of these plump chairs
for afternoon tea,
but we better look around to see the Christmas decorations first.
The tree is a Scotch Pine, of course,
and it has been decorated with Scottie dogs.
{You can DIY these decorations from cutouts of tartan.
Instructions to make the Scottie Shortbreads are here.
Or you can buy the little Scottie dog sculptures here 
and hanging ornaments here.}
More DIY Christmas decorations!
My goodness, these Scots are a canny lot.
This is a little paper doll who can hang on the tree,
or sit under it. {Instructions here.}
The little laddie needs a little lassie,
so we better make some of these too.
{Instructions here.}
The fairy on the Christmas tree is very dashing,
mixing a few tartans with stripes & leopard print.
{Hope the purists aren't looking - but I have to say I rather love her outfit.}
Everywhere we look,
there are candles & chandeliers in the castle,
lighting up the stone corridors & cosy sitting rooms.
As daylight fades and dusk settles,
there is a light snow falling.
It must be time for our Christmas dinner.
In rooms richly redolent of log fires, pine & dark red musky roses,
the table has been set with the finest tartans,
sprigs of heather & glittering crystal.
Candlelight sparkles & whisky glass clink.
And after dinner,
there is time for backgammon on the red velvet sofas
in the drawing room,
before retiring for the night in a sumptuous bedroom at the castle.
Sadly, our Christmas is nearing the end,
and the train awaits us to whisk us back to the everyday.
But before we go, there are presents to be given...
A bottle of Scotch whisky of course,
with a swing tag of plaid & deer.
{DIY instructions here.}
Wrappings of rich red, embelished with tartan,
hold tins of shortbread & fudge.
DIY gift tags of red deer are playful and fun.
{Instructions here.}
We depart into the magical winter's night,
the lone piper's tune fading,
but not before turning back to wave goodbye to Prestonfield,
where we have had the most fantastic Christmas Fling.
So it's farewell until New Year's Eve... for that we better return to Scotland!
In case you missed the other decorating days, you can catch up here.
Images: 1: Prestonfield 2: blue fruit 3/4: Sonia Rykiel 5: bow tie
6: Royal Scotsman Train, artwork blue fruit 7: 11 pipers piping
12: Prestonfield 13: Christmas Tree {1/2/3/4/5/6/7}
14/15: paper dolls 16: Barbie 17/18: Prestonfield
19 Christmas table setting {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8}
20/21: Prestonfield 22: Christmas gift wrappings {1/2/3/4/5/6}