Time for Romance amongst the Sparkles....

Amongst the sparkles of the holiday season,
with glittery dresses & Champagne soirees,
it's a gorgeous time of year to celebrate a little romance too.
I awoke this morning to find a bottle of my favourite perfume
from my husband, 
to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.

Last year, we celebrated our 20th in NYC,
in a rashly spontaneous trip.
Can't top that for a whirl of excitement 
~ so this year it is something quite different.
Time to slow things down a little.
At Millar Road at Hawkes Bay in New Zealand, 
to experience the natural beauty of such a lovely country.
 Wineries, thermal pools & walks on the beach.
Because there should always be time for a little romance 
amongst the sparkles...

images: 1 blue fruit 2/3 millar road