Have you ever fed a carrot to a Giraffe???

 Ever dreamt of hand feeding a giraffe or two?
When that big face bends down towards your hand,
on such an impossibly long neck, 
it is truly one of the most magical experiences on the planet.

We got to hand feed them on the weekend, 
as one of the activities on offer at Melbourne's Werribee open range zoo.
The first course was acacia branches.
I had to hold on tight, as they stripped the leaves off the stem.
Then they were a bit keen on carrots.
Rather like feeding a horse, 
but that muzzle is much more gentle.
A giraffe kiss, that's what it felt like! 
And the tongue is about as long as the neck, it seems.
So keen on apples, they stuck their tongues out 
so we could pop the fruit straight on.
Their favourite food were these lucerne pellets.
Dessert for giraffes, I think.
 An absolutely magical experience,
and one to treasure.
{And I think the adults loved it every bit as much as the kids,
but shhh...don't tell them...}

Images: blue fruit.
Details: Zoos Victoria Werribee Open Range Zoo Giraffe Encounter