Christmas Decorating: Day 9: Fairytale Christmas for Ladies who Dream of Dancing

9 ladies gather for the dance,
in Cecil Beaton's tribute to the female form in 1948.
And 9 ladies gather for our fairytale dance,
because it is day 9 of our Christmas Decorating series.
We shall begin our evening with a saucer of Champagne,
set upon a mirrored tray in the dressing room.
That shall get our toes tapping.
Oh, we better not forget to hang the silvered wreath on the front door,
otherwise the guests won't know
where to find our Fairytale Dance Soiree.
Now we better decide which gown to wear to the dance.
They are all so pretty...
Decisions, decisions.
The guests will arrive very soon,
 so we must attend to the Christmas tree...
The tree shall be trimmed with fresh gardenias,
for their scent is that of enchantment.
Lichen-covered branches magically blossom with
paper flowers of magnolia + cherry blossom.
With stars of silver + ornaments of palest lilac,
the tree takes on a fairytale glow.
And here is our fairy, for the top of the tree.
She is a Barbie, dressed by none other than Christian Louboutin.
Fairytale magic, indeed.
There will be time to be kissed under the mistletoe,
for one never knows where a handsome prince may be hiding.
Right, ready now to greet our guests.
A quick dab of Chanel No 5 and we can begin the evening.
The table sparkles with magic & candlelight,
with golden dishes & blossoming branches.
There must be some magic about tonight.
And guests will know their places,
with little dance card name tags to guide them.
And as each guest departs,
they will be handed a little gift wrapped in lilac satin bows
& glittered velvet ribbons,
as a sweet memento of a wonderful evening.
So all that is left to do now,
is to blow out the candles & retire to bed in a satin gown.
Dreaming of dancing ladies & handsome men,
and the enchanting evening that was.
In case you missed the earlier decorating themes,
you can catch up here.
images: 1: Cecil Beaton 2: gift tag blue fruit 3: Champagne saucers
8: Christmas tree artwork blue fruit clockwise from top right {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8}
12: the table artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5} 13: name cards