Christmas Decorating: Day 7: Lakes & Oceans...


On the 7th day of our Christmas decorating series,

 a present of

7 Swans a Swimming

would be a very pretty one.

And a rather wet gift, too, Mrs Glamour~Claus reasons.

So today, the theme is

Lakes & Oceans

which means lots of blue, aqua, white and sand in the colour scheme.



The wreath will be very rustic & simple,

made from curled branches of water willow, or driftwood.

Embellished with shells, or white coastal flowers,

and a plain blue ribbon.


The Christmas tree has an aquatic feel,

and needs not much more than objects found at the beach.

A starfish, a natural shell, perhaps encrusted with a little glitter.

A tree made from driftwood.


 This vintage Barbie could be the angel on the top of the tree...


Or maybe a starfish could top the tree.


For the Christmas table: a cloth of linen, or burlap or washed cotton.

Plates in pale & navy blue.

Seashells as little vases & beach umbrellas on the sand.

Platters of seafood with fresh salads.

For dessert, a


of meringue, crafted into a swan,

filled with vanilla icecream and fresh berries.


Serve guests Choux Swans - a crispy bite of choux pastry,

filled with chantilly cream.

The swans can swim about on a lake of chocolate sauce.


Wrap gifts in chains of shells, with soft white tissue paper.


Or make DIY

swan gift tags

& loop them with aqua blue ribbon

and brown paper the colour of driftwood.


Anthropologie has an aquatic range of Christmas ornaments this year.

Their pale watery colours are enchanting.

Hang them from a driftwood tree,

or dangle them in the windows on fishing wire.


Stockings in burlap & linen with sea horses & sea plants

from Wistaria are trimmed with mother of pearl buttons.


Father Christmas by the seashore, in watery blues,

also from Wistaria.


The coast is a magical place for imaginations,

and the soft beach is perfect for making sand angels.


 And a frozen lake, as if touched by the ice fairy,

with the dreamy magic of fairytales.

How gorgeous to have a Christmas tree, so green & pert, in the icy water.


The boathouse in NYC with evergreens in the balustrade boxes,

surrounded by frozen water, is perfectly enchanting.


So if you are lucky enough to find yourself

beside a beach, a river or a lake this Christmas,

on a warm Summer's morning or a white frosted Winter's afternoon,

perhaps the watery blues of

Lakes & Oceans

may just be the perfect decorating inspiration.


images: 1: swans by the lake 2: swan lights 3: lunch on the beach

4:wreath 5: the Christmas tree: artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5/6}

6: vintage Barbie 7:Christmas card 8:walking at the beach

9: the Christmas table artwork blue fruit {1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8}10:choux swans

11:dinner for two12:present wrapped with shells13:swan gift card14:lake house15:beach scene16:Anthropologie 17:stockings18:seashore santa19:wrappings20:sand angels21/22: image by blue fruit, the Boat House in Central Park 23: beach