Take me Away to the Glass Diamond...

Perched snugly above Lake Murton in Switzerland,
like a luxurious treehouse built from bronze & timber,
is this most enchantingly named retreat

Shortlisted in the hotel category in this year's World Festival of Interiors
(held last month in Cologne)
the Glass Diamond is a new pavilion built on the estate of Le Vieux Manoir,
a boutique hotel complex originally built a century ago 
as a country house.
Apart from its obvious beauty of form, 
what resonates most is the strict palette of materials & colours,
chosen in greens and golds 
to literally reflect 
the tones of the surrounding lake and vegetation.
The glass mosaic floor ~ which runs through the entire pavilion ~
refracts the light from outside, 
casting moving golden shadows upon the floor.
The external facade is clad with gold reflecting mirrored glass
and bronzed copper ~ so as the sunlight hits the building, 
it appears to glow in reflected sunshine.
 Internally, solid walnut boards line walls,
furniture is upholstered in vintage tan leather,
and the emphasis is always on that serene view.
 The Glass Diamond perches on 3 pylons, 
appearing to lightly float at the water's edge.
While a few metres away, the Cabochon
{fitted out as a changing pavilion}
is firmly built on the ground as a contrast.
A magically enchanting location deserves 
a responsive architectural solution.

And I think, the Glass Pavilion achieves exactly that.
What do you think?

The Glass Pavilion, part of Le Vieux Manoir,
Lake Murton, Switzerland.
images 3/5/9
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