On the Market: Life-Style by the Beach

Early morning walks in bare feet on warm golden sand,
nibbling vanilla icecream as the sun turns crimson 
over a glistening blue bay at sunset,
then strolling a few streets home to this stylish abode in an inner city suburb.
Sounding like a tempting lifestyle so far?
Tucked around the corner from Elwood beach
is this uber-stylish 2 storey home which is on the market.
It's a blank canvas, 
with white walls, polished timber floors & richly patterned stone finishes.
And a fabulous Eucalyptus & palm filled courtyard.
And the thought strikes me...
one would need a fabulous collection of swimsuits, 
to fully appreciate having a beach 
just around the corner.
Perhaps a floral, romantically inspired one piece.
Or a classic blue & white striped bikini?
 Hmmm....I think I could manage this kind of lifestyle.
Close enough to the city for theatres & art galleries,
large enough for a green courtyard,
stylish enough to be a retreat from the busy world,
and above all, around the corner from the beach.

Would you like to live here?

 Property location: 64a Spray St Elwood, Melbourne
Property images & agents: Kay & Burton
All swimsuits: Sea Folly 2011 Collection

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