Christmas Decorating: 12 Days of Christmas: Natural Luxe

Thought it may be rather fun

to have a look at a dozen different themes for Christmas decorating,

in a new series

inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas ditty.

So without further ado,


Mrs Glamour-Claus


This look is natural luxe...

bark, feathers, linen, wood, organic textures & nature.

For starters, who said we have to have a pine tree?

This is a chance to mix things up a little!Try using whatever tree branch you have growing in your area.

Which could either be a green branch from a real tree,

or an artistic timber version.



comes flat packed

& I'm thinking it would also be rather nice

streakily-painted in pale green vegetable dye.

Or use a couple of branches, with different kinds of bark.

Hang the tree with any natural materials you can find,

tied with jute string or torn strips of linen.

These oranges have been sliced, then baked in a slow oven to dry out.

Sticks of cinnamon tied with walnuts & scented star anise.

Instructions to make these items 



Heart garlands in recycled materials from

Paper Polaroid


Seed pods from a New Zealand Christmas tree in my garden,

sitting on a 1950s boomerang-shaped copper bowl

in the hallway.

Beeswax candles, which burn with an unmatched beautiful scent,

rusted birds and hand made resin bowls set the scene.

{All from

Est Austalia


Handmade paper boxes {

Paper Polaroid


could be filled with advent chocolate.

{8 boxes for $15 on etsy.}

Brown paper packages tied up with string,

wrapped with style by the inimitable Coco from



Incorporate butterflies as well as birds to create a woodland feel.

This little gold butterfly sits on a branch

which fell in my garden during a recent storm.

The morning light glistens on the butterfly's wings in a daily performance.

Christmas cards with a feather motif tie in nicely to our natural luxe theme.

In exquisitely delicate brush-strokes,

these cards from NYC based Inslee Haynes

can be customised with your own printed message

{10 cards for $25. Details



Christmas wreath can be made from sticks or vines,

wrapped with muslin, leaves or bark.

On my front door, the grape vine wreath has been wrapped

in paperbark & string,

and decorated with parrot feathers.

{Rumbah's feathers, to be precise.

For those of you who are regular followers,

you will know he is my latte-addicted pet lorrikeet with attitude.}

And for the last word,

it has to be cake.

What could be more fitting to eat during the festive season

in our

natural luxe

theme than a

Pink Forest Cake with Chocolate Trees


In a modern take on an old favourite,

I think I might try this recipe out this weekend,

just to make sure it is ok.

So what do you think?

Are you tempted to try out a

natural luxe


for Christmas decorating

this year?

Or perhaps stay tuned....because there are 11 more themes

coming this way from Mrs Glamour-Claus.



images: 12 Days of Christmas pinwheels from

Paper Polaroid

on etsy;

all jewelery by

Nomiki Glynatsis Couture


vintage white dress

table vignette + dried branch Christmas tree + Merry Christmas sign

Burlap Luxe

ripe pears on tree

timber pear tree

all artwork blue fruit.