Cooking: Chili & Coriander Pesto

Recently become addicted to a very quick to make coriander pesto,

which works beautifully as a salad dressing,

sauce for stir-fry, flavouring for soups,

dolloped on veggies or as a sandwich relish.

Chili & Coriander Pesto

In a food processor, whiz together

2 bunches coriander or cilantro (about 2 cups)

3 spring onions

4 cloves garlic

1/2 cup macadamias or walnuts

2-3 long red chilies, seeds left in if you like it hot

juice of 1 orange.

With the motor running, add 

enough olive oil to make a runny, dollopy consistency

(about 1/2 cup).


I have been experimenting with different nuts

(the original recipe called for pine nuts

but they are ridiculously expensive in Australia).

So far, macadamias are the favourite, but walnuts were delicious too.

Next, I will try pecans and brazil nuts.


The pesto is handy to have in the fridge,

because it is one of those fabulous healthy sauces

which go equally well with Asian & Western foods

when you want to add a little "kick".