Come for a Walk in My Garden after the Rain

Pouring, drenching, life-giving "can it get any wetter" rain yesterday.
And this morning, the garden said thank you.
Come for a walk with me to see the freshness.
I let most plants in the veggie garden go to flower + seed
so that Rumba (the lorrikeet) can eat some & 
I can arrange the rest as flowers for the house.
This is Rainbow Chard ~ an everyday staple for dinner.
Baby apples just forming from the blossom we had a few weeks ago.
Usually the possums get them just when they are perfectly ripe.
How do they know???
My husband's ancient & recently discovered Wollemi Pine.
He is very proud that it is growing so well.
In about a hundred years it may have reached 3 metres...
Elderflowers. I love this dark colour of the leaves 
against the pale pink flowers.
David Austin roses ~ magnificent this year.
And the scent??? Oh, sublime! The intensity of a bottle of rosewater.
Acanthus flowering by the front door.
The pond is for any frogs who may be hopping by. 
Well, you never know. There may be a prince amongst them....
Young heirloom tomato plants grow on driftwood stakes.
 There were so many more photos that I took because the garden 
was so beautiful after such a deluge of nitrogen-rich rain,
so these are just a few of them.

And what of the forecast now?
More drenching rain today - so I will have a very happy garden tomorrow!

all images: blue fruit, taken in my garden this morning