A little weatherboard cottage in the country...

 If your imagination includes dreaming of a weekender in the country,
then let your thoughts wander to this endearing timber & stone cottage
renovated in a simple rustic style.
Built in 1855, near Castlemaine in the gold fields,
the cottage was originally a wine room,
but was long ago converted into a 3 bedroom home.

Could the busy city be any further from one's mind, 
during a sun-drenched Sunday lunch under these trees?
Small branches of bark encrusted wood,
bound with sisal rope,
create a botanical towel rack
in the sandstone bathroom.
 It has just been sold to a lucky new owner who shall not have to 
dream any longer of an enchanting cottage in the country.

Would you like to live here?

property location 42 fryers rd chewton victoria
property images: agent
all other images: cecilia fox flowers