A Glass Bedroom in the Forest...

Would it be possible not to awake in the sweetest mood,
after sleeping in this charming glass bedroom,
on the edge of a lake on a Finnish island?

Designed as a kit form combination glasshouse + shed,
by architect Ville Hara & designer Linda Bergroth of  Hel Yes! fame,
the Garden Shed is made by Kekkila in Finland.
But his one has been customised by Linda Bergroth,
with a timber floor, solar power & recycled brick steps,
to create her own enchantingly magical bedroom retreat.
Oh, what sweet dreams
would enchant the most peaceful of evenings,
resting & renewing oneself with the balm of nature 
in this glass bedroom in a forest.

Would you dream beautifully?

images: Dezeen
Garden Shed available from Kekkila