Back to Work: but first a Hat or two...

 After a 4 day long weekend, 
it's back to work and more about strong coffee than fashion,
but first, I just have to show you some of the Hat Highlights 
from yesterday's Melbourne Cup.
 From 1950s inspired tailoring to fresh floral wreaths,
it was delightful to see that even the men were sporting stylish hats.
These 3 ladies have me thinking about a vibrant colour scheme 
for Christmas this year. 
Coral, raspberry & lemon with a shot of royal purple. 
Hmm...happy, bright & optimistic.
Plenty of pale and neutral colours were around too - 
and a variety of styles which is fabulous. 
I love this turban style, so elegant in dusky pale rose.
I couldn't go to the Cup this year, 
as it seemed rather mean to leave my daughter & son at home
studying for their exams while I choofed off for some frippery.
Ah, the sacrifices we mothers make, hey? 
But luckily, there is always next year,
at an event which has been held annually since 1861.

And for now, it's back to work with that strong coffee in hand! 

Which is your favourite hat?

All images by photographers Simon Schluter & Angela Wylie
for Fairfax