Zinc & Weatherboards: New work by Simon Couchman Architects

Crisply contrasting white weatherboards
with sexy black zinc, 
this extension to a house in inner-city Elsternwick
makes a clear distinction between old & new.
  On a heritage listed site, 
the original Victorian cottage has been retained,
with the new extension mimicking the roof line + pitch
in a two storey structure at the rear.
See that high-level window in the extension?
Here is what it looks like from the inside. 
Clever repetition of the original building's lines.  
Bold materials + simple angles.
It's a formula for a flexible building, 
which allows the occupants to furnish & decorate as they wish,
changing the personality of the house 
to suit themselves as their family grows. 

Do you like it?

Extension to cottage at Elsternwick, Melbourne. 
Architects: Simon Couchman
Photograhy: Christine Francis