Halloween amongst the Hats & Horses...

Halloween has fallen right in amongst the Hats & Horses 
in Melbourne this year - for it is the Spring Racing Carnival.
All talk is about the Melbourne Cup tomorrow:
which hat to wear, which horse to win & which witch for Halloween.
My Victorian Gothic themed Halloween dinner party on Saturday
was a marvelous excuse to bring out antique glass jelly moulds,
filled with artemesia flowers & lemon balm from the garden.

One of the guests took the Victorian theme quite literally, 
and arrived as a soot-covered chimney sweep.
Name cards printed onto heavy cream stock
were clipped into these antique place card holders.
{They are from the 19th century - and wonderful for dinner parties.}
With Halloween tonight, 
and horse races all around us,
it's hard not to get into the spirit of fun & festivities.

I hope you have a fabulous Halloween, 
wherever you are,
because one is never too old to dress up,
for the races or for Halloween.

table setting images: blue fruit