Sorrento House: exposed concrete in unadulterated glory

 Exploring the myriad moods of exposed concrete,
natural timber & honed basalt stone,
this modern reinterpretation of a "beach house" at Sorrento
is more about durability
and less about transience;
the traditional elements of beach house design.
its large scale, but fine detail,
mimics the wild and rugged beauty
of the coast itself.
The massive timbers are from locally sourced reclaimed hardwood.
This is an area of wild coastal winds,
but also sheltered protected bays,
and the house responds with a sense
of enclosure and openness - all at once.
With a simplicity of form which belies the intricate cleverness,
this beach house exudes that sense of timelessness
which makes one wish a coastal holiday
would last for just a little longer.
Sorrento house, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.
Architect: Robert Mills
Photographer: Earl Carter