Delectable Duet: Masculine + Feminine

Creating that delicate balance between masculinity & femininity
can form a fabulous controlled tension in interior design.
They don't have to be present in equal amounts to balance, either.
The curves on the rococo style bench, table edge & silk upholstery 
add a feminine softness in this dining room.
While the hard-edge chairs and James Bond style artwork 
adds the masculine element.

 Velvet upholstery + wrought iron doors = feminine.
Tiger rug + large block shapes to the wall = masculine.

This space illustrates the balance beautifully. 
Straight-lined furniture contrasts with curvaceous ceiling details.
And masculine brick bond wall tiling contrasts with the rounded moulding.

So if you want to create a space with that sense of controlled tension,
think about balancing out some feminine with some masculine elements.
It's definitely a delectable duet! 

1: Room by Kelly LaPlante via the Diversion Project. Artwork by Ellwood T Risk.
 /2: Turtle Creek townhouse by Jan Showers 
/3: Mad Men republic via Fashionising /4: Ayaspasar House by Autoban