The Glamour of a Dressing Table Set...

There are few things which can impart so much glamour
into a bedroom as simply as a beautiful dressing table set,
especially a vintage one.

I have been hunting for a vintage set 
of hand mirror, brush & comb for a while, 
and happened upon this lovely one yesterday, 
when I was searching for antique furniture for a project.

While it isn't always possible to fit such a large 
dressing table as Colleen Moore had here
(oh, I wish, I wish)
the addition of a little corner set up with a few perfume bottles
& a boudoir style mirror set can add an element of inexpensive luxury.
 After all,
 a little sense of romance & luxury
is such an easy thing to do,
and it sets the day up to be a glamourous one.
And we all love that! 

Images: vintage dressing table set & late Victorian enamel tobacco tin: blue fruit.
All Hollywood starlets at their dressing tables: Starlet Showcase