An elegant soirée for Halloween...

Despite my unconditional love of orange,

this year I am thinking along more Victorian Gothic lines for Halloween,
with a palette of black, white & gold.
Resembling little ghosts, 
from the amazing lens of Spanish photographer Elena,
these papery garlic shells got me thinking about Halloween,
and how perhaps it might be nice to rethink & romanticise it a little.

Perhaps some old glass jars, 
painted in white with black ghostly faces,
would look gorgeous glowing softly in the window.
And a white cake,
with marshmallow ghosts.
Just simple.
With a little gold sparkle,
because one can never have too much sparkle.
A rustic table in moody darks,
with a driftwood candelabra & crumpled linen napkins.
And old books 
{although only ever the trashy kind of course,
couldn't bear to do this to old treasures}
would create a sense of being watched from the pages of history.
Guests could come dressed in black,
with a hint of gold.

With black gloves & handbags, of course.
The goody bags could be trimmed with black lace & rick-rack.
And I think this dress, 
from Dolce & Gabbana's summer 2012 collection,
would perhaps be the perfect gown to wear 
to an elegant Halloween soirée.

It puts the romance back into Gothic,
which sounds good to me! 

Instructions to make the book pumpkins here

Images: all gowns from Dolce & Gabbana summer 2012.
2/3: garlic shells bicoccacolors
8: table setting sweet paul