Phoenix out of the Ashes: Minimal Lines/ Warm Materials

Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, 
this warm and welcoming home 
by JCB Architects + Doherty Lynch sits in some very beautiful country
in Victoria's bushland. 
After the devastating bushfires of 2009,
a program was established to provide cost-effective
and thoughtful designs which would meet the new bushfire regulations.
Several architects were invited to take part, 
and this design by JCB is one of them.
The owners engaged JCB to modify 
the design slightly,
to suit their requirements for a holiday home 
with accommodation for up to 4 families.
The interiors were designed by Doherty Lynch
as this is the family farm of one of the co-directors, Fiona Lynch.
And it has just won the Melbourne Design Award for 
best Residential Interior Design.
The lines are minimal, but the materials provide warmth
& a connection with the views outside. 
Simplicity of design helped to keep the budget tight.
These fabulous piano key handles on the hall cupboards
are witty, and yet are inexpensive. 
Easily procurable low-impact materials,
like ply & black laminate,
have been used to great effect,
to create a wonderful family holiday home 
with a modest budget.

It truly is like a phoenix rising out of the ashes.

 Interior Designers: Doherty Lynch
Architects: JCB 
Melbourne Design Award 2011: Finnon Glen.
Photography: Sonia Mangiapagne