Flowers: the formidable talent of Sarah Winward

  If you have been reading for a while,
you will know that I have an, erm, shall we say obsession 
with flowers & foliage & gardens,
and that I find constant inspiration for my design work from their beauty.
And you will also have noticed that the floral designer 
whose work I most often feature is Sarah Winward,
from Honey of a Thousand Flowers, 
on the other side of the world to me:
in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The blogging world is a fabulous place, 
and through it I met Sarah. 
We have been emailing each other
about design, 
and how other people perceive a designer's work.
Which is often quite different to the way a designer expects.
Who would guess that a florist from Utah 
and an interior designer from Melbourne 
would share a love of mixing colour, texture & form in such a similar way? 
For Sarah the tools are flowers, for me the tools are building elements.
So it was very exciting when she told me she was coming to Australia.
And last week we got to meet in person,
at Mario's on Fitzroy St,
while Sarah and her husband were in Melbourne.
And she is every bit as spontaneous and thoughtful 
as her flower arrangements are. 
(Can't believe I didn't even think to take a photo!
Too busy talking...
But this is Sarah in her newly-opened shop, Honey of a Thousand Flowers, 
which she and her husband designed & built.
As you do.)
With lights made by Sarah & David from salvaged ceiling fans.
The combinations of colours & textures are masterfully 
put together to create arrangements 
which have a controlled wildness
about them, 
as if they have been freshly gathered from the garden outside.
Absolutely beautiful!
No wonder I am so smitten with her work!

How about you?

All images: Sarah Winward
Salt Lake City, Utah.