Pears...the beauty of an irregular form

As imperfect shapes are often more interesting than perfect ones,
the humble pear is a prime example of the beauty of asymmetrical form.
These pears have been sculptured from copper wire,
and being hand-made, 
each is as irregular in shape as the fruit to which 
they owe their inspiration.
One of the most voluptuous of all orchard fruits,
each pear is slightly different from its mates. 
And therein lies the beauty.
Of course, a solo pear is just as beautiful,
for when on their own, 
the curvaceous, generous shape can be celebrated.
And if you love pears as much as I do,
you may just adore this sweet little pear notepad
from the new Inkyco boutique paper goods company.
The more pieces of paper you take, 
the more pear you see! 
It's no wonder that pears have been the subject 
of still-life art for so many centuries.
By painting them an unlikely colour,
Susan McCormick's "blue pears" 
celebrates the shapely form of a duo of pears,
by placing the emphasis on shape itself.
So nature shows us, once again,
how an irregular form can be just as beautiful as a symmetrical one.

Oh, and as a final sweet note,
pears are absolutely delicious to eat!
What a perfect fruit! 

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