One room: two looks...Villa + Villa's own home

Quite amazing how you can achieve 
a dramatically different look
in the same room,
simply by switching up the decorative elements.
 In the top image,
crisp white walls, floorboards stained in charcoal,
a sisal rug, & colourful artworks + flowers 
make the room snappy and exciting.
While the bottom image 
{the before version} 
doesn't have quite the same vibrancy.
It's still a beautiful room,
but a quieter one.
Again, here is a before version of a space, 
used as a sitting room.
Same room: different function & style. 
Now it is a child's bedroom,
and the dark walls & floor have created a sanctuary.
These images are all from the Sydney home 
of the design & architecture
duo of Maria & Eduardo Villa,
who run the studio of Villa + Villa.
It's a dramatically gorgeous way to illustrate
how a little contrast of colour & texture
can make a room come to life.

Images: 1/4: The Design Files
2/3/5/6: Villa + Villa