Little Details: snippets from my son's bedroom

Isn't this the most beautiful little handle?
It's on an old French oak dresser which is in my son's bedroom.
Little details can make such a difference to the atmosphere in a room.
Like these tiny little embroidered dotted leaves on the quilt.
 Just a little detail, but they create a raised surface
& capture the eye's attention. 
The giant teddy bear was made by my clever mother-in-law
for my husband when he was 21 and bought a fancy sports car.
She made "Goldie" for fun,
so he could sit in the front seat of the convertible.
But Goldie now has a more sedentary spot,
reclining on the bed.
I found this giant giraffe toy at a second hand shop, 
and thought he might like to keep Goldie company.
A hand made squirrel from London
(because my son used to hand feed them in the park
when we lived there)
and a glittering snowman from New York
keep watch on the dressing table.
A contrast of textures! 
 Roses & lavender gathered from the garden,
fragrant with cinnamon & star anise,
are tucked into a crystal bowl on the dresser
to add a scented detail.

Because when you are adding details,
it's good to think of all 5 senses if you can.
Sight, smell, sound, taste, touch. 
Add them all to a room and it creates a fabulous atmosphere.

images: blue fruit