And So the Seasons Turn on Both Sides of the Planet...


Adore the transition seasons of spring & autumn
for the sense of turning and changing.
And it's fascinating to ponder that one half 
of the world is waking up to spring while the other 
half is snuggling down to autumn.

Both seasons are beautiful,
and there is so much excitement abounding 
at this time of the year, 
perhaps for the idea of a new season as a new beginning.

Late summer menus are inspired by heirloom tomatoes,
sweet juicy figs & pears.
While early spring it's rhubarb & sweet lettuce.

Grilled autumn eggplant with fetta,
or fresh tiny spring peas,
simply cooked with mint and garlic.

Paper dolls with dressable clothes,
one for snuggly autumn... for snappy spring.

It's a busy time in the garden for harvesting.
For spring: rhubarb & strawberries.
For autumn: crunchy apples & leeks.

Autumn is orange, gold and yellow, reflected in crackled leaves.
Spring is pink and pale green, as delicate as tender new growth.

Spring is... those first few tantalizing steps in the water,
to see if the sea may be warm, just yet.

Autumn is... cosy jumpers in softest cashmere,
wrapped against the early evening chills.

So whether you are lingering over late summer picnics in vineyards
resplendent with late season grapes,
or picking boughs of cherry blossom 
to decorate a spring lunch table on the terrace,
I hope you have a lovely weekend 
reveling in the magical transition of the seasons.

Spring garden + autumn leaves (photo by Oli Scarff. lost source.)
Rhubarb,strawberries + apples, leeks.  Vineyard + blossom (lost source).

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