To Skip Along a Boardwalk...

It's one of the oldest design tricks 
in the book of architecture:
use a boardwalk at the front entrance to entice 
the visitor to the front door.
Bit like a pirates's plank, really.
Only a much nicer ending! 
This house by Architecture Works
uses a series of boardwalks & covered outdoor corridors  
to link pavilions together.
Some of the corridors are internal,
with glass to both long sides.
Subtle linking to the exterior,
by running the glazing in a recessed channel 
at floor level, 
and continuing timber boards
inside & out.
Some corridors are alfresco, 
creating shade in summer.
Clerestory windows continue the "corridor" theme,
adding stripes of sky views and welcome light without heat.
The garden is young, 
but as it grows into maturity
I suspect this house will sit very comfortably 
within its simplicity.

Which means it will be delightful to skip along those boardwalks! 

images & design: Architecture Works