Hats with a Flourish! Why not?

Absolutely adore hats, 
and I wouldn't possibly admit 
that I have a weakness for vintage hats...
...like these ones from an outake of Vogue in the 1950s....
But I figure, any excuse will do to pop on a hat, 
which is pretty easy when you can choose from 
freshly launched in time for the horse racing season,
and featured in Spring Fashion Week. 
Louise honed her skills making historical millinery 
for BBC drama {she did the hats for Pride & Prejudice}
& Merchant Ivory films while living in London.
Now back in her home town of Melbourne, 
she makes hats to order, 
as well as these ready to wear delights. 
Aren't they gorgeous?
And oh so feminine! 
Now I just have to make a little room on my hat shelf,
because I am very tempted
to add one of these to my collection.

Do you have a favourite? 
And, importantly, do you wear hats?

Vintage Hats: out take from Vogue 
All other hats: Louise Macdonald Milliner
All flower images: Gardenia, Texas