Timber, Glass & Simplicity: New Work by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

 If you like your houses as sculpture,
with plenty of natural materials like timber & stone,
huge picture windows to glory in the sunlight,
and thoughtful but unfussy detailing to provide personality & warmth,
then it doesn't get much better
than this new work by Matt Gibson Architecture + Design.
Window walls on both long sides of the living area,
with enticing access to alfresco dining & garden.
See the raised pool?
Clever solution to the ubiquitous
"how do I hide the pool fence?" dilemma,
wherein the pool wall becomes the fence.
Shrewd, no?
But let's go back to the beginning.
The amazing architecture is actually an extension
to this late 19th century Victorian house in Armadale
(one of Melbourne's older and leafier spots).
The bold & fanciful door mouldings & leadwork windows
give a clue to the drama beyond.
An extension can either mimic,
or celebrate the difference,
between old and new.
{Personally, I think neither is right nor wrong, 
because it depends on the context of the building.}
Here they chose the latter,
contrasting the curvaceous intricacy of the original
with simple lineal timber patterning in the new.
Which means the wrought iron
is even more beautiful as a contrast
against the straight timber.
And oh, how clever is this?
The straight timber has been arranged in curves,
in a sweeping scoop of stripes,
which avoids the "boxy" look that this could have become.
For those who like their houses
made of timber, glass & simplicity,
this is a thoughtful and considered example.
Do you like it?
All images: Matt Gibson Architecture + Design.
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