What? No garden? Then I will plant one on the floor instead!

 What do you do if you live in
 a tiny beach side apartment
but you miss having a garden?
 Why if it's the 1970s,
you simply simulate nature with rocks concreted to the walls,
and a Scottish floral carpet on the floor.

This lady is suitably dressed to pop in for cocktails at the bar.

 And when this glorious beach is just outside your door
{which is Tamarama beach in Sydney},
well, why not have some fun with the decor?

Just as they did in this photo shoot.

It's so absurd but I rather love it,
for it's groovy fun attitude. 
And it's fab that it has been kept like this from the early 1970s.
After all, who said life has to be serious?

Would you like to live here?

Property location: 72/20 Illawong Ave Tamarama Sydney
Agents: Ray White