Spring has Sprung: a day in my garden...

 Plum blossom unfurling to greet the morning sun,
tender green leaves emerging as verdant flags:
spring has suddenly sprung in my garden.
Pink Pigface is a bolt of glorious colour. 
How I love this happy little plant
with its impossible name! 
The maples and crab apples are still thinking 
about coming back to life;
but the arum lilies just can't wait a minute longer.
Soon there will be masses of white lilies to pick for the house.
My entire Saturday was spent playing in the garden:
weeding, picking, clipping, admiring the beauty of nature.

Its a happy place to be, a garden. 
Be it a private or public garden,
a park or a terrace;
just a little touch of green can lift the most jaded spirit.

Do you love gardens too?

All images: blue fruit