Thoughtful Renovation: Continuing the Old into the New

Repeating elements from the original 1930s bungalow
in this thoughtful extension & renovation in Sydney's Killara, 
has allowed the whole house to assume a quiet beauty
of considered detail.
Painted timber ceilings, simple timber floorboards
& moulding details (to joinery & deep skirting boards)
have created a link between old & new.
Look carefully.
The timber ceiling turns into a timber lined eave outside.
Simple. But very effective.
 It's a steady hand that made the decision
of where to repeat elements and where to leave off.
Just a few of the kitchen cupboards have mouldings,
the remainder are simple planes of timber or marble.

And applied to the whole extension & renovation,
that balance has created a home of calm, considered elegance.
Do you like it?

Killara House. 
Architects: Studio R
Designer: Arnold Lane
Photographer: Trevor Mein