Rescue Me Please: I'm Art Deco!

 Today, we are on a rescue mission.

{In our imaginations, that is...}

We are going to be seduced

by the sultry allure of Art Deco.

We are going to purchase this dilapidated Deco house,

complete with

P & O curved glass windows, {my heart trembles looking at that glass}

and imbue it with dignity & drama,

as befits an Art Deco prima donna.

 Oh my,

is that our bathroom?

Why, it won't take too much to return that to glory.

Perhaps the curtains are a little sad,

but those cream tiles with the

curved black banding

and the marble floor,

well...I am a little speechless...

Some new wallpaper above the dado,

the plumbing and grouting may need a little attention,

but otherwise, it's rather good to go.

Here's a modern version to keep us inspired.

Hmmm...all that glittery silver + gold,

mirrors + crystal basin

= sparkly glamour.

Let's check out our floor plan to see

what we have to play with.

Spacious rooms,

two with curved glass windows,

and a decent sized garden as well.

So we can grow lots of vintage roses...

Cream roses, perhaps,

heavily scented,

which will look beautiful dotted about our house.

We may need to do a little work

to bring these living rooms back to beauty,

do you think?

The glass patterned doors are fabulous,

how about we add some parquet timber floors?

Yes, timber floors in a chevron pattern,

which would suit our Deco house perfectly.

While we are at it, painting our steel windows in black

would make them jump out against the creamy white walls,

just as it does here

(in another beautiful house for sale in the same suburb.)

And this wallpaper, from

Graham Brown,

will be stunning in the living rooms.

How about our kitchen?

I guess they didn't cook as much as we do now.

Or as much variety.

Is that we need such enormous kitchens now?

I often wonder...

But I reckon we should be selecting this

curvaceous new Vuelo tap from Brizo

for our new kitchen.

Some brass handles, subway tiles (except ours will be cream)

hanging brass pans & lots of vintage books should

work pretty well as a base for our new kitchen.

The bedroom will need to be glammed up

with some cream and gold wallpaper.

And a bold bird or two could add some

curvaceous 1920s drama to the hallway.

Then, to celebrate all our hard work,

we better have a little Black & White cocktail party,

so we'll need some glam gowns.

With a jazz quartet to play sultry beats.

So what do you think?

Have we done a good rescue job today?

I think it would look stunning,

and I just hope that somebody with imagination

will buy this darling house.

Property location: 197 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield, Melbourne


Gary Peer