Wanted: Monotone Backgrounds to Meet Attractive Young Hues

 I'm loving the current trend for riotous bold colour. 
{Well, as an Australian, it's hard not to love bright hues.
It's in our genes.}
But there is one magic trick 
which makes bright colour really zizzle.
Would the orangey-red salmon
glow so alluring if it were not set off against 
dramatic black?
And would the yellow, blue & green
look so fresh if they were not surrounded by simple white?
 You can even combine black & white
 as a background, 
as it is here behind the pink cherry blossom,
to create drama instead of too much sweetness.
A white (or black) background matches
the intensity of the bright colour,
and so it balances.
Perhaps it is because there is such 
uncertainty in the world at the moment, 
 that we are turning to definite colour.
It's exudes a fabulous sense of confidence.
Maybe that's what we all need right now...
And after all, 
a brightly bold shot of colour,
balanced with lots of white or black,
is always going to make a fun statement.

Which is why they need to meet each other! 

1/10: Heather Nette King  2/4: Sarah Wood photography
6: FMD architects  7: Mihmatei photography
9/15: blue fruit flowers in a teapot
11/13: Flowers Vasette  12: Trentbell photography
14/16: house for sale in Adelaide, lost source