Creative Closets: Clever Thinking!

Always admire ideas which use materials 
in unexpected ways...
like creating a closet from wrought iron lace.
Or from brass plumbing pipes to 
create a robe with pizazz!
Inspired by chop sticks, 
this wardrobe is called, umm..."chopsticks"!
With a beautiful little detail at the 
rail and post junction. 
And perhaps the simplest of all,
a beautiful piece of driftwood, 
which was all the clever Belinda needed to create 
a fabulous wardrobe rail for her baby daughter.
And aren't all of these SO much nicer
than a chrome rail?
Somebody put some thought & personality into each,
so the result has a little humour attached. 

And that's got to be a good thing, right?

3/4: Andreas Saxer  5/6: Happy Home