Delectable Duet: flowers + chocolate

Some things in life just go together.
Peaches + Icecream.
Navy Blue + Emerald Green.
Gin + Tonic.
And one of the best combinations
would have to be Flowers + Chocolate.
I made this impossibly delicious chocolate fudge
for a dinner party on the weekend,
and placed it on a vintage glass cake stand,
with some everlasting daisies,
white camellias & snowdrops.
All tucked into
an antique silver sugar bowl.
The recipe for the fudge is ridiculously easy,
and can be varied with dark or milk chocolate,
depending on what you have & what you like.
Only trouble is, it doesn't last very long in our house.
The little flowers are Western Australian paper daisies,
and can be dried
for an all-year-round burst
of prettiness.
Somebody forgot to tell my 5 year plant
that it is supposed to be an annual,
because it is getting better each year!
Their crisp whiteness is such a
dramatic contrast with
the chocolate.
Truly a delectable duet! 
Images + recipe: blue fruit