Juxtaposition: the fun of the unexpected...

Adding a surprise twist to an interior 
can give it a sense of playfulness.
Jumping, walking, busy figures 
perched across the splashback of this bathroom
provide a little humour for the user.
Taking an old brass bowl, 
florist Sarah Winward has filled it
with contrasting colours and ruffled shapes,
to create a surprising juxtaposition.
Which just works. 
Adapting a familiar form into an unexpected
use can make the viewer go "ahh".
These fab bowler hats are lights!
Brilliant to make a weary shopper smile,
but they would also be smashing over a dining table.
{From UK based French Bedroom Company.}
Illustrator Edwina White 
{what a gorgeous name!}
illustrates just how much fun can be had
with a little juxtaposition,
in "The Minimalist".
Talk about turning things on their head!

Images: 1: Walk this Way decal from Elly Nelly
2: Sarah Winward flowers
3/4: Bowler & Top Hat by Jeeves, French Bedroom Company