Wild Nights at the Zoo

Aren't they pretty?
They are spectacular lights, 
made from old tins with punched holes,
which are strung between trees,
as part of the Wild Nights festival
at the Werribee Open Range Zoo at the moment. 
Lured by the temptation of spending an evening 
at a zoo with bonfires, torchlights & fire-dancers,
in a very African theme,
we were keen to see the nocturnal animals come to life.
So the boys & I rugged up in our winter coats,
and set off for a fabulous evening.
 It was fantastic to see the hippos lumbering 
in and out of the water,
as if they were reveling in the attention,
like teenagers at a pool party. 
And scattered about the zoo,
as beacons of warmth in the chill night air, 
were the most tempting little bonfires,
complete with sticks & a never-ending pile of marshmallows.
This Serval, called Morili 
{such a pretty name, 
although it means "forked tongue" - haha!}
was part of a special show featuring these 
gorgeous little cats. 
And being night-time, she was keen to show
off her hunting prowess.  
But my favourite animal was this tiny 
endangered local Bandicoot,
who was quite beyond adorable.
As he hopped about hunting for his supper,
he seemed blissfully unaware that he is only 
1 of 200 of this species left.
Although with their breeding program, 
the Zoo is having success with slowly releasing them 
back into suitable wild areas.
Visiting a zoo at night is such a fabulous idea, 
and if yours in your local area does it, 
I would say "go explore!" because
it was a completely different atmosphere.

And if you live in Melbourne, 
runs every evening to the 16th of July. 
There is also fireside story telling,
a kids dance hut party,
& African drumming with a fire dancer. 
Oh, and kids are now free at Zoos Victoria! Yipee!

Images: Werribee Zoo and blue fruit