Delectable Duet: Ruffles + Poppy Hues

While looking at Sarah Winward's flowers 
I was suddenly struck by the realisation 
of just how brilliantly a ruffled outline 
combines with intensely saturated poppy hues
Penelope Boyd's "wave" artworks 
capture this same feeling,
as if the colours are torn gently at the edges.
  And these glorious cushions by Xavier & Me 
are a burst of happy poppy sunshine, 
with their pinks, yellows, oranges & reds 
in ruffled silhouettes
It makes for a striking Delectable Duet,
these ruffled outlines of poppy hues. 

It's a happy effect, 
don't you think?

Flowers: Sarah Winward
Paintings: 3rd Room Studio
Cushions: Xavier & Me