Colour Trends: Pink + Orange

One of the most fun parts of my job 
is hunting for vintage & antique pieces for my clients.
And often, while I am hunting, finding quirky things.
Like this vintage pink wall telephone,
 discovered recently.
Placing a bowl of mandarins next to it this morning, 
reminded me just how 
fabulous pink & orange are as a combination.
It can be outrageously bright, 
with black and white contrasts.
Or gently uplifting, in softer marbled tones,
that glow from within.
The colours bounce off one another, 
creating a happy spark of energy,
used cleverly in this dining room by Camilla Molders.

Elegant in this Missoni Mallory top.
Rustic in this arrangement by Small Stump.
There is an inherent energy 
in this vibrant combination of colours,
captured beautifully in Sarah Winward's floral arrangements.
This colour duet can truly lift the mood of anybody 
who is lucky enough to be inspired by such a  
celebration of colour and life.

Do you like pink + orange together?

Images: 1/2: blue fruit.  3: Atlantic Pacific
4/12/13: Sarah Winward flowers  5: Armas Design
6/7: Camilla Molders  8: Photography Kate Osborne
9: Lyst  10: Small Stump  11/14: Zara people