Portfolio Update: Coastal House and a Secret Door….


 We are having a huge burst of activity on the House with the Stripes


The main ensuite's gold and black mosaic splashback tiles are finished.

And the copper-tiled shower wall is done too.

The bath is in - although still full of building dust!

Lights are being installed...

Appliances are appearing.

Kitchen splashback has gone in, 

with locally hand-made glass tiles,

in colours selected to echo 

the building's 1960s origins.

The pool bathroom is almost complete,

with its beautiful blue glass mosaic tiles.

And the room with the stripes

now has the balustrade installed.

But what is that in the room with the stripes?

Is it a hidden door?

Oh yes, it is!

And a bookcase too!

What happens on the other side?

Why it is just a bookcase.

{Or it will be when it has books in it.}

But when you press it, 

hey presto!

It's a secret door! 

Meanwhile, outside, in all the mud...

the retaining wall of huge boulders has gone in.

With the fence rendered,

it's getting very exciting now it's so close to completion. 

And doesn't it look pretty with

all the lights on?

All images blue fruit.