Moody Drama & Folded Lines: Law St House

When architecture plays with 
light and shadow
through folded lines of junctions,
a seductive moody drama results.

 This is the Law St House,
designed & lived in
by husband + wife architectural team
Bruno Mendes & Amy Muir.
 The rear is a double story 
of folded steel.
Squeezed into a tiny space 
between existing 19th century cottages,
the new street facade is a sheet of steel plate,
with a drawbridge window.
There is something about this house
which reminds me of Marc Martin's 
wonderfully moody illustrations 
from his book of Exotic Animals.

The flat facade, 
which pops open to reveal shafts of light,
is a perfect example of the beauty of architectural moody drama.

Do you like it?

Law St House. Architects: Muir Mendes
Photography: Peter Bennetts
Illustrations: Marc Martin