Delectable Duet: Rust Red and Olive Green

As complimentary colours on the colour wheel,
red & green always look good together.
But one of the best red & green combos
is this dark, dark rusty red & soft olive green.
This wonderful colour duet has been 
mixed to perfection in the new Chez Dré
bakery cafe in Melbourne,
freshly designed by Breathe Architecture.
The touch of rusty red continues in the 
potted geraniums in the cafe's courtyard.
But that red stenciled floor....
oh it's stunning!
And in the garden,
just a flash of rust red can enliven olive green,
in these beautiful gardens by EGA.
So in the garden, 
or in interiors,
rust red & olive green 
makes for a very Delectable Duet.

Do you like this colour combination too?

Restaurant details: Chez Dre & images: ADR