When Pictures Speak Louder than Words: New Marcio Kogan

I am so bowled over by this stunning new project 
from the Marcio Kogan team in Brazil, 
that I am almost lost for words.
The brief was to create a low-budget,
quickly-built retail space in Sao Paulo
for the Decameron design group.
 So the architects envisaged
stacking & playing with 
colourful boxes,
in this case shipping containers. 
Which are linked together via 
over-scaled sliding polycarbonate doors.
And all grouped around a dramatic 
gravel-terrace garden of palms.

An utterly dynamic outcome,
and one where the pictures tell the story. 
As all good architecture should.

Do you like it?

Project: Decameron
Architecture Co-Author: Mariana Simas/ Oswaldo Pessano
Interior Design: Diana Radomysler/ Mariana Simas

Photography: Pedro Vannucchi