Vintage Fashion: oh the elegance!

Yesterday there was an amazing auction 
of vintage fashion at Leonard Joel.
So who better to set our mood for these lovely items
than that photographer of style, 
Henry Clarke?

This cocktail dress originally 
came with a matching coat. 
Of course. Doesn't every dress?
Henry Clarke was an American fashion photographer,
working for Conde Nast through the 50s & 60s.
A wool & ocelot coat.
Sadly, I suspect real ocelot, not faux. 
How times have changed,
which is good for the ocelots.
There is a fabulous lustre to the ivory wool.
Ah, what a deliciously elegant way to 
start the working week!
{Of course, for me that means NOT looking like this, 
but pulling on work boots to walk around a muddy site,
but one can dream....}

Images: Henry Clarke 1  3  Others
Auction items: Leonard Joel