One Black Sheep: an illustrator to watch.

Recently discovered this illustrator's enchanting work.
Daniella Germain has only just graduated,
but she has already scored a book deal, 
 which she has written & illustrated. 
Her art has a charm and optimism to it.
This was work done for the Koko Black 
drawing competition. 
Just how many rabbits are there???
{Koko Black is an iconic Melbourne chocolate institution. 
Their shops are called "salons". And the chocolate is to die for.....}

A dainty rendering for her friend's lingerie shop Sauvage.
This gorgeous illustration was for Christmas cards
Daniella produced last year. 
But I think these are my favourites,
not just for the illustrations, 
but for the fact that these stamps are handmade 
by Daniella using antique doorknobs. 
She sells them through Etsy for $20 (US).
What? You're kidding? $20?
Yep, and she ships world wide too. 
You can see more of her work on her own blog.

I fancy that this very young illustrator & artist has 
a rather glorious career ahead of her. 

Etsy store: One Black Sheep