You're kidding? This was once a Factory?

With richly toned timber floors,
soaring ceilings with interesting lines,
masses of huge windows & luscious finishes,
it's hard to imagine that this home 
was once a sad little factory.
It's currently for sale,
so let's check it out.
Disciplined selection of finishes 
means the exterior spaces 
just seem to belong
to the interiors. 
All that lovely timber helps.
The home was recently 
converted from it's humble factory origins 
by Jackson Clements Burrows.
Oh, ok then, 
I'll show you a sneak peek of
some of their other work.
This rather tasty house is located 
in the ruggedly beautiful terrain 
of the Mornington Peninsula.
And it shows you the style for which 
the architects are known. 
Now back to our house for sale....
They have kept the fabulous
saw tooth rafters and the lofty high ceilings.
Even kept the ducting exposed,
but all neatly painted out to white.
So there is a subtle reference to the factory.
I love timber floors in bathrooms, 
although I know a lot of other people don't.
But you can see how much the 
timber floorboards warm up this space.
So much more personality than a flat ceiling,
don't you think?
The dramatic colour scheme in the corridors,
of black, red and grey,
create a sense of anticipation about 
what may lay around the corner.
While all the individual rooms have white walls
to tie it all together. 
A fabulously spacious desk. 
Yes, we all want one of those! 
But it is only here, 
at the front facade,
with it's glorious parapet brick wall, 
that there is an obvious reference 
to the building's origins. 

Your thoughts?
 Would you like to live here?

 Property location: 44 Nicholson St South Yarra Melbourne Victoria
Images & Agent details: Bennison Mackinnon