What's Weekend and what's Week time?

It's movie night for the boys & me, 
so I have been hunting for 
somewhere yummy to grab supper 
after we see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean.
 After looking at these gorgeous images,
I desperately want to check out the 
new Hare & Grace in the city. 
Love the smoke bush ceiling twigs
and the anatomical
animal drawings on the walls. 
Sadly for tonight's escapade, 
it is only open during the week.
But I kinda like the idea of keeping
a restaurant special for the weekdays only.
So it is a lovely little respite, during a busy working day.
 With such a blurring between work & play, 
sometimes we lose the distinction 
between weekend and working week. 

It's an interesting concept,
don't you think?

Images & restaurant: Hare & Grace
located at 525 Collins St, Melbourne.
Interior Design: Joost Bakker