Golden Glamour. I like mine Dark, not Frothy. Bold Gold.


When I was a little girl, 

every birthday I would ask for

golden shoes.

My mother believed that golden shoes 





so they never appeared in the birthday wrappings.

She laughs now, wondering why she had such a notion.



Fripperies & froth gold may

sometimes be, 

but it can also have an

underlying deeper, darker edge.

Especially when mixed with black.



On the runway, at LMFF,

Little Joe 

mixes gold with fabulous dark heels,

guinea feathers and black to create drama.



Love this. 

No frippery or froth in sight. 

But the gold filigree gives the outfit


while balancing the drama

with long, long legs of black.



For a gold lover like myself, 

there is no such thing as

too much gold.


Oriel House

obviously thinks so too.

Why not have

gold handles on golden drawers?



Gold and dark

just seem to go together in a

sultry mix.


If this exquisitely detailed light by

Emma Davies

had a backdrop of anything other than gold,

it would change the mood entirely.



A light


of gold can give an air of


to these gowns, & the setting, by




While Bold Gold

exhales confidence of style.



Bold Gold means using lots of it, 

with other darkly dramatic elements,

like these inspired curtains. 

What a brilliant foil to the gold velvet sofa. 



And always having a hefty drop 

of dark, dark 

texture as a contrast against the glitter.



So lustrous, in this vintage image from the 1960s.



And of course, 

a sense of wit doesn't hurt 

Bold Gold's success either.

Would this scene work so well, 

if the frames were dainty

and if there were no Converse sneakers 


upon the floor?



This much loved room, by Studio Ko, 

pushes the glamour of gold to it's full bold limits. 

To sink luxuriantly into these gold sofas, 

in such a beautiful space, 

would be

decadently fabulous.

Why, it doesn't have a touch of froth or frippery about it!




1: Alexander McQueen pumps 

net a porter


2/8/9: design by 

SR Gambrell



little joe


5: Oriel House via 

1st option



emma davies






My Vintage Vogue


12: photography by 

Monolo Yllera


Studio Ko