Fashion Cities of the World: Fluttering on Silk Scarves.

How to capture the spirit of a fashion city in 
a few brush strokes?

On a fluttering silk scarf?

Hmm, who could do that?

Why, just ask brilliant illustrator Kerrie Hess.
She has teamed up with L'avion
to produce this delectable collection
 in the fashion city scarf range.
Man, has she nailed the city spirit of each!

 New York features black & white colouring,
with very dapper 5th avenue shoppers,
ready for a night on Broadway, 
or an afternoon at the Met.
It's Deco, delicious and witty.

Paris is, of course, in Parisian pink
What else?
There are poodles + fabulous gowns. 
With elegant buildings & bows in the corners,
this scarf is très chic for macaroons at Ladurée.

London has a cheeky red phone box,
with a royal blue trim. 
It's poised and assured, just like the city.
The perfect accessory, 
twirled around one's wrist,
 for afternoon tea.

Sydney would have to be blue, 
in a city that reflects the blue harbour
in an almost~always azure sky.
This scarf could be whipped 
out of a colourful handbag,
to tie in one's hair, 
while driving a convertible.

Tokyo is vibrantly pink and red,
with flashing neon splashes of citrus yellow. 
It's a bold vivacity to match the city.
Modernity + classic style.

But of course my favourite is 
the newly released Melbourne scarf.
Capturing the city's 19th century elegance
in a building with chandeliers & pink staircases,
with the sophisticated flamboyance of 
a fuchsia strapless gown. 
This is a city that doesn't take itself too seriously
but is here for a good time. 

I love the life that jumps out from the page 
of Kerrie Hess's illustrations.

From these delicate feminine styles... the bold and the graphic. 

Just stunning, don't you think?

You can purchase these gorgeous L'avion 
scarves online.

Images: scarves by L'avion 
illustrations: Kerrie Hess & Kerrie Hess blog