Garden of Ghosts




by this extraordinary garden,

reclaimed and re~grown,

from where a

private zoo

 once stood.



Fragments of the old zoo's walls have been kept 

and cleverly incorporated into the garden in Sydney.



Even a fish skeleten has been given a new home,

in a design which seamlessly works it's way into

this modern + old garden.



It is called the

Garden of Ghosts

because of its history.

But I think the designers have also cleverly

captured a feeling of history, too.



Rambling wistaria mingles with sculptural monkeys,

echoing the animals who used to live here.



While Sydney's sub-tropical climate allows

cliveas and palms to thrive.



I guess a Garden of Ghosts would have

to feature a black cat?

But have a look, too, at these lovely 

outdoor curtains strung high on the hardwood.




It's one of those wonderful gardens 

which play with light and shadow. 

So you feel like you are exploring.



And it's also a garden that allows its 

occupants to not take it too seriously.

It's designed for life. 

So it is a Garden of Living, as well as a

Garden of Ghosts.

Landscape Design & Images:



Allen Jack + Cottier

Photographer: Nick Bailey + Vladimir Sitta {terragram}